East Valley / 680 Communities

Located in East San Jose, the East Valley/680 Communities (EV/680 Communities) combine to form the largest of the 19 Strong Neighborhoods Initiative (SNI) neighborhoods. The EV/680 Communities SNI area includes the following ten neighborhoods: Arbuckle, Cassell, Dorsa, Capitol Goss, Ryan, Dobern, Nancy, Lyndale; NHU, and Sierra. The EV/680 Communities are home to multiple neighborhood associations.

The EV/680 Communities should not be confused with the “East Valley/680 Neighborhood Action Coalition” (EV/680 NAC). The EV/680 NAC is a community association rather than a City entity. The EV/680 NAC consisted of six neighborhood associations prior to 8/15/11. On 8/5/11, three of the six member neighborhood associations separated from the EV/680 NAC citing continuing Chair leadership issues. Lyndale Neighborhood Association, Park Pleasant Neighborhood Association and Sierra Neighborhood Association formally separated from the EV/680 NAC. The EV/680 NAC is currently a community association that is at times a coalition of three neighborhood associations but that does not represent the larger East Valley/680 Communities and/or Lyndale Neighborhood Association, Park Pleasant Neighborhood Association and Sierra Neighborhood Association.

City Departments and other organizations should contact individual neighborhood associations to provide information to, or to solicit feedback from, the East Valley/680 Communities. The EV/680 NAC is not authorized to speak for LNAPPNA and SNA or their respective SNI areas.