ARUSD Bond Expenditures Survey

Voters have approved three Alum Rock Union School District (ARUSD) bond measures since 2008 to pay for facility repairs, facility acquisitions and/or building facilities. ARUSD currently has $6 million in bond funds available. The ARUSD Board of Trustees is authorized to sell more bonds and is considering selling an additional $35 million dollars worth.

This survey is an opportunity for you to voice your opinion regarding how ARUSD bond funds should be spent. Survey results will be shared with the ARUSD Board of Trustees, ARUSD administration, the ARUSD Citizens Oversight Committee, the ARUSD Bonds, Facilities, and Finance Subcommittee, and will be posted on the District 5 United website and social media for the public.

  • “In 2015, the ARUSD Board approved constructing new multipurpose rooms at Fischer and George middle schools and renovating a gym near Mathson Middle.” - 5/27/2017 article.
  • “The Alum Rock Union School District plans to wait until June 2018 to replace heating systems and install air conditioning at Arbuckle, Cureton and McCollam elementary schools.” - 5/27/2017 article.
At a recent ARUSD Citizens Oversight Committee for bonds it was reported that there are five schools that need heating and air conditioning installed, repaired or replaced at an estimated cost of $20 Million.  This figure does not include the costs for needed repairs to roofs, bathrooms, and other infrastructure needs at multiple school sites.

ARUSD has 7 middle schools at 5 sites. The costs for constructing two new multi-purpose buildings are estimated at $20 - $35 Million. The approved new buildings would provide gyms for 5 schools at 3 sites, serving multiple purposes at each site.
The building design for Fisher Middle School is focused on sports and includes a gym with a regulation Basketball court, classrooms, office space, community meeting space with a kitchen, and an indoor/outdoor stage.
Specific designs for George Middle School are not yet available. The focus will be on performance space in line with the school’s focus on Visual and Performing Arts. It will include an indoor/outdoor performance venue, additional office space, and meeting space for the community.
The existing Mathson Middle School multi-purpose building needs an estimated $6.6 million in renovations to bring the overall building up to code and includes a gym, classrooms, offices, and meeting rooms.

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