Do not take Reid-Hillview Airport site

Please take 30 seconds before 7pm on Thursday, 11/4/21, to submit a petition requesting that the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors and City of San Jose Redistricting Commission correct their proposed redistricting maps to leave the Reid-Hillview Airport site/land in the current City and County districts. Not part of the site or land. Not half the site or land. The whole site.

According to redistricting requirements, Council District 5 actually needs to grow rather than shrink.

The message that will be sent to the decision-makers is listed below the form. You will receive a confirmation email.


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    Dear Supervisors Cindy Chavez, Susan Ellenberg, Otto Lee, Joe Simitian, Mike Wasserman, and City of San Jose Redistricting Commission members,


    It’s understood that you are reviewing maps of large areas and may not notice when areas of great importance to a community are being removed. Please correct the proposed city and county redistricting maps so the Reid-Hillview Airport site remains in City Council District 5 and County District 2. Not part of the site. Not half the site. The whole site. Please discontinue the attempt, whether intentional or unintentional, to shift even a portion of this site to other districts.



    You may not use my contact information for any purpose other than to respond to my concern regarding the topic listed above, nor may you share my address with any other organization(s) or individual(s).

    This mail was sent on behalf of a resident via District 5 United
    Community Working Together