Meeting Survey


Our local County and City leaders will present and answer questions at District 5 United’s September 25th meeting.  Councilmember Xavier Campos, County District 2 Supervisor Chavez and County District 3 Supervisor Cortese are on the agenda.  In preparation for the meeting, we are asking our community to take a quick survey so we can determine what topics are currently affecting, or are of interest to, our community. We will share the results with the presenters so they can provide information about the specific topics and be prepared to discuss and answer questions at the meeting.
Please take a moment to pose any questions you'd like answered by the following presenters:
1. Cindy Chavez is our newly elected Supervisor for County District 2, which includes much of East San Jose and Downtown. What would you like to ask her as she takes on this new role? (Optional)

2. Dave Cortese is our Supervisor for County District 3, which includes portions of East San Jose, Berryessa, Milpitas and Sunnyvale.  What question would you like to ask him? (Optional)

3. Xavier Campos is our Council member for City Council District 5. What question would you like to ask him? (Optional)

4. What is your Street Address, Street Name, Cross Street, Neighborhood, or San Jose Council District?
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