SJ Community Survey results

This survey was open to ALL San Jose residents and conducted from ~9pm on 1/9/21 to ~9pm. Survey results through 9pm on 2/9/21 are listed below.. Sampling was not being utilized. The survey invitation was initially sent to ~4,800 San Jose residents from throughout the city via email and promoted over social media.
This survey is an opportunity for ALL San Jose residents to have your voice heard regarding multiple topics of great importance to San Jose residents. Survey results will be shared with respondents, City Council members, County Supervisors, and social media.

Reid-Hillview Airport
Reid-Hillview Airport is located at 2500 Cunningham Ave, San Jose, CA 95148. County Supervisors decide whether to close it or keep it open. The County is exploring alternative uses for this site. The results of a lead study are expected later this year. Zip codes 95122 and 95116 are in the flight path.
Are you in favor of closing Reid Hillview-Airport, opposed to closing Reid-Hillview Airport, or need more information to decide?

Opportunity Housing
The Envision San Jose 2040 Task Force recommended to the San Jose City Council to have City staff explore Opportunity Housing citywide. Opportunity Housing, as recommended, would allow homeowners citywide to redevelop a single-unit property to up to four units. Exploration includes community outreach. Criteria and restrictions would need to be developed and approved by the City Council.
Are you in favor of Opportunity Housing, opposed to Opportunity Housing, or need more information to decide?


Flu vaccine/shot: According to Santa Clara County, “Every person aged 6 months and older needs the flu vaccine, every year. This is especially true this year, with COVID-19 also circulating widely in Santa Clara County.” Have you received or plan to receive a flu vaccine this season?

COVID-19 Vaccine: Have you received, or will you take, a COVID-19 vaccine if it’s available?

OUTDOOR DINING DURING STAY AT HOME ORDER: Should outdoor restaurant dining be allowed to operate during Stay Home Orders?

PERSONAL CARE SERVICES DURING STAY HOME ORDERS: According to Santa Clara County, “Personal care services” include but are not limited to the following: hair salons and barbershops; nail salons; body art, tattoo, and piercing shops; esthetician, skin care, and cosmetology services. Should personal care services be allowed to operate during Stay Home Orders?

INDOOR FITNESS DURING STAY HOME ORDERS: Outdoor fitness is allowed during the current Stay Home Order. Should indoor gyms and fitness facilities be allowed to operate during Stay Home Orders?