Keep Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood INTACT

Please take 30 seconds before 6pm on Monday, 11/8/21, to submit a petition requesting that the San Jose City Council to update their proposed redistricting maps to leave Mt Pleasant neighborhood intact and in Council District 5. The message that will be sent to the decision-makers is listed below. You will receive a confirmation email.


Dear San Jose City Council,


We are residents of the Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood in the southeast corner of District 5. We are a close-knit neighborhood that works together for a safe, clean, informed and engaged community. Our neighborhood association has a long and strong history of accomplishments and recognition for advocating for our families and we will not be split.  We are requesting that the borders which define our neighborhood do not change and that our community remains intact.

Many of you have attended our National Nights Out, our painting classes, emergency preparedness meetings and more.  We respectfully and humbly ask for support by requesting that you sign this petition on our behalf.  We are committed to continuing the good work in our neighborhood and beyond.

Thank you for your support!




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