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District 5 Council Office website (408) 292-6462
Abandoned Shopping Carts Mi Pueblo Shopping Cart Pick-Up: 1-888-997-7717 or 408-928-1171, ext. 0 or customerservice@mipueblofoods.comSafeway Shopping Cart Pick-Up: 1-800-252-4613

Other: Mendoza’s Cart Service

(408) 469-6030

Anti-graffiti Program website (866) 249-0543 or
Anti-graffiti Online Reporting to SJPD website
Arborist (Tree-Trimming Permits) website
City of San José website (408) 535-3500
Code Enforcement website (408) 277-4528
Drug Hotline n/a (408) 971-DRUG
Gang Hotline n/a (408) 293-GANG
Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services website (408) 535-3570
Police Department website Emergency 911
(408) 277-8911 from cell phoneNon-emergency 311
(408) 277-8900 from cell phone

Community Services
(408) 277-4133

Public Library website (408) 808-2000
Open Government website n/a
Vehicle Abatement Online Reporting Form (408) 277-5305
Whistle Blower website (408) 535-8200
District 2 Supervisor’s Office website (408) 299-5020
District 3 Supervisor’s Office website (408) 299-5030
Santa Clara County website n/a
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) website (408) 321-2300
Educational click here
Leadership groups by City Council District
District 1 website contact
District 2 TBD contact
District 3 website TBD
District 4 website contact
District 5 website contact
District 6 website contact
District 7 TBD TBD
District 8 TBD TBD
District 9 TBD TBD
District 10 TBD TBD
Neighborhood Organizing
Neighborhood Organizing Booklet

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United Neighborhoods Santa Clara County



Public Safety
Crime Reports (Neighborhood Crime Statistics) website
Crime Stoppers Anonymous Tip Hotline website (408) 947-STOP
Emergency Preparedness: Disaster Alert System Sign-up website
Independent Police Auditor (San Jose) website 408-794-6226
San Jose Police Department website Emergency: 911To call 911 using a cell phone: 408-277-8911


Non-Emergency: 311

To call 311 using a cell phone: 408-277-8900

Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department website 408-321-7149
Elected Officials Enter your address here to determine your local elected officials

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