District 5 Heroes

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The “District 5 Heroes” event allows the East San Jose community to celebrate our everyday heroes. We’re sharing everyday hero stories provided by community members just like you. District 5 United will next celebrate and recognize our local heroes on Thursday, September 26, 2019. 

District 5 United celebrates the accomplishments and good work that is happening all around our community.

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Links to some heroes nominated in the past:
Jesse Haro
Mary Ann Andrade
Daniel Patton
Kat Da Silva
Mary Valderamma
Donna Furuta

District 5 United is celebrating the accomplishments and good work that is happening all around our community. Once again we will be recognizing local heroes nominated by you. Community members are asked to submit an application describing your heroes. A hero is someone who has:

  • Made a difference in your life or those of others.
  • Made a contribution to the community or their neighborhood via a specific action/activity.
  • Has repeatedly been a volunteer community activist making District 5 a better place to live and work
  • Made a lasting difference over a long period of time.

All nominated heroes will be notified and a handful of heroes will receive special recognition from District 5 United. Nomination Guidelines: A person is not able to nominate themselves. Other than that, anyone can nominate anyone they choose. Nominations will be posted online as they are received.

District 5 Heroes

Alum Rock Library

September 26, 2019


District 5 Heroes
District 5 Heroes


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