San Jose Water Company’s Proposed 44% Rate Hike

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New: Watch great short videos provided by District 5 United regarding the  proposed 44% San Jose Water Company rate increase.


Join over 700 San Jose residents by submitting an Online Petition.

San Jose residents are running out of time to provide feedback regarding the San Jose Water Company’s proposal to increase rates by 44% over the next three years, while the California Public Utilities Commission’s own Division of Ratepayer Advocates (DRA) recommended only a 10% rate increase over three years to achieve the same results. Please note that the San Jose Water Company is not the same as the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

You could make the difference! Here are two things you can do to make sure your voice counts.

1. Join over 700 San Jose residents by submitting an Online Petition. If you are opposed to the San Jose Water Company’s proposed rate increases of 44% over three years,  you may submit an email noting your opposition by clicking here to submit an Online Petition. The email will automatically be submitted to the California Public Utilities Commission Public Advisor’s Office. The email will serve as a written informal comment, which carries the same weight as verbal comments provided at public events. The Online Petition is hosted by San Jose’s District 5 United as a service to all San Jose residents. The Online Petition is hosted on this web site as a service to all San Jose residents.

2. Learn more: Read the Urgent Message below; Read our Frequently Asked Questions; Watch an NBC Bay Area Investigate Unit video; Read more info on the NBC News web site; Reference the Division of Ratepayer Advocates’ Report and Major Recommendations; Read a Blog by a San Jose Resident; or Read a San Jose Mercury News Editorial.