Online Petitions

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District 5 United facilitates communication regarding important issues via Online Petitions to elected officials and other decision-makers. The Online Petitions allow you to voice your opinion to elected officials and other decision-makers quickly and easily.

1. Submit an Online Petition to oppose the San Jose Water Company’s proposed 44% rate increase over three years. Over 500 San Jose residents have submitted an Online Petition. If you are opposed to the San Jose Water Company’s proposed rate increases of 44% over three years,  you may submit an email noting your opposition by clicking here to submit an Online Petition. The email will automatically be submitted to the California Public Utilities Commission Public Advisor’s Office. The email will serve as a written informal comment, which carries the same weight as verbal comments provided at public events. The Online Petition is hosted by San Jose’s District 5 United as a service to all San Jose residents. The Online Petition is hosted on this web site as a service to all San Jose residents.

2. SUCCESSFUL EFFORT/NO LONGER IN USE: Submit an Online Petition to Save CAP Grants 

3. SUCCESSFUL EFFORT/NO LONGER IN USE: Submit an Online Petition to protect existing recreational open space in San Jose.