2017 Community’s Choice!

Vote now to tell us who should receive Special Recognition!!

Heroes will receive recognition from the Office of Vice Mayor Carrasco, the office of Supervisor Cortese, and the office of Assembly member Kalra. Heroes will also receive a "District 5 Hero" pin from District 5 United.

One hero will receive additional recognition as the Community's Choice!

Please tell us who you believe should receive special recognition as the Community's Choice at the District 5 Heroes event on Thursday, August 31, 2017! You may read the Hero stories by clicking here or visiting these links: Jesse Haro; Mary Ann Andrade; Daniel Patton; Kat Da Silva; Mary Valderamma; Donna Furuta, Dr. Hilaria Bauer

Each person may complete this survey only once. An email address is required for each entry, but you may opt-out of receiving future email notices and updates. The survey is open from Sunday, 8/20/17 through 1159pm on Tuesday, 8/29/17. Select up to three heroes that you believe should be recognized as the Community's Choice:

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