2012 Hero Story 4 – Vic Zavala

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2012 Hero Story 4 – Ismael Victor Zavala: The following story was submitted by community member Aaron Resendez.

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Vic Zavala (with Cesar Chavez on the left)

Vic Zavala (with Cesar Chavez on the left)

According to Aaron: Ismael Victor Zavala was born Dec. 6, 1932 in Castroville California.
His father passed away at a young age so Vic had to work to help support the family.He met his wife Margaret at a dance, he remembered that the song they danced to was ” Cherry Apple Blossom Pink” by Peres Prado.
He worked for a roofing company for three years and then started doing side jobs for himself. After three years he started Zavala Roofing with one pick-up truck. He worked all day and Margaret would walk to the bank to deposit his earnings. Soon he hired two workers and he would tell them, today you be the foreman and tomorrow the other guy will be the foreman. Before he retired in 1988 Vic was one of the biggest roofing contractors in Northern California. At his peak he had over one hundred employees with a full office staff. His success was a result of years of working in the heat of the sun,hard physical labor, coming home dirty and tired only to do it again the next day. Vic and Margaret are blessed with four children Vic jr., Norma, Alice and Liz. He was also blessed with a very Christian mother who used to pray for Vic. Vic would always come through when his mom’s church needed something. I remember a story about when the church needed front doors but it would cost $ 200.00. Back then it was alot of money, Vic paid for it. Over the years he donated money to the church, did their roof and other repairs.
I really believed God blessed him because he was a giver. Vic was generous with the community and politicians. He is loved and respected by many in our community. We will all miss him.