SNA Accomplishments

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February 24, 2010: Alofa Taliva’a, president of Sierra Neighborhood Association (SNA), successfully led an effort to convince the Planning Commission to not approve a Planned Development Permit Amendment to allow off-sale of alcoholic beverages at an existing retail store located within SNA. Alofa Taliva’a and other concerned community residents had to participate in multiple Planning Commission meetings that culminated in the Planning Commission’s decision on 2/24/10.

The store is located at 459 S. Capitol Avenue #13 (on the northwest corner of Capitol Avenue and Capitol Expressway). This store is within SNA, which is within the East Valley/680 NAC, which is within Council District 5.

To view a video of the 2/24/10 City of San Jose Planning Commission’s decision, please click here and jump to 1:12:30.

October 28, 2009: the San Jose Police Department presented a Celebrate Safe Communities Award to Alofa Taliva’a, president of the Sierra Neighborhood Association.  Alofa received the award given to one community member who has demonstrated outstanding work in the area of community service and crime prevention.